Let's get you PAIN FREE

Firstly I will begin the process of diagnosing the tissue causing the pain. Then I will look at your posture.  I love putting together the big picture.

What is Osteopathy

I diagnose pain and postural imbalance. I look for causes of pain and look at your pattern of imbalance. We all carry tension in a way that is unique.  It is my job to interpret this to help you get back on track.

Osteopathic medicine encompasses hands on techniques like:

  • Soft tissue massage

  • Articulation/mobilization – the movement of joints to restore function

  • Trigger point therapy: the release of tight areas to muscle to release inactivated muscles which may aid strength and performance

  • Manipulation – spinal mobilization

  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.

Common conditions we treat:

Sprains and strains

Trigger points

Back and neck pain

Repetitive strain injuries

Knee and shoulder pain

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