“Stop and pause . . .  imagine your feet are roots of a tree connected to the earth”
Dr. Mike Osteopath
“Trust in the unseen, the not-yet” 
James Jealous Doctor of Osteopathy

Dr Mike Rowan (Osteopath) is the Total Health Osteo.

The owner of Prahran Osteopathic Clinic since 1995. Total health means feeling pain free, having a strong core and feeling energetic and well. Dr. Mike will diagnose you, put together your big picture and then give you a strategy to get you back on track.


There are many ways to promote total health. Promoting efficient posture, nervous system balance, improved diet, digestive function and a positive attitude will all help you build a fresh momentum towards total health.


Lets get you back on track and achieving your goals.


Dr. Mike Rowan (Osteopath)


B.App.Sc.(Clin Sc).B.Osteo.Sc.(RMIT). Dip.App.Sc.(Naturopathy).Dip.Acup.(AAC). Member AOA.

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Total health means feeling pain free, energetic, passionate about where your life is heading and anticipating more of what you deeply desire in life. 
Dr. Mike (Osteopath) believes that if you have good joint motion, muscle balance and strength, a balanced and calm nervous system, eat healthy food, have healthy internal digestive function and work towards believing in yourself and your journey then you will get back on track to achieving total health.

Total Health Treatment Options
Postural, Structural Osteopathy: Massage, spinal manipulation and exercise rehab.

Biodynamic Osteopathy
: It is a very gentle treatment that works with fluid motions which may balance the nervous system.

: Acupuncture originated in China thousands of years ago and is the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points.

: Diet, vitamin, mineral and herbal prescriptions with lifestyle advice.

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