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"As a young boy I was always an explorer . . . Nothing much has changed"
Dr Mike Rowan (Osteopath) is the Total Health Osteo.  He has been the owner of Prahran Osteopathic Clinic since 1995. Total health means feeling pain free, having a strong core and feeling energetic and well. I will diagnose you, put together your big picture and then give you a strategy to get you back on track.

There are many ways to promote total health. Promoting efficient posture, nervous system balance, improved diet, digestive function and a positive attitude will all help you build a fresh momentum towards total health.

My clinic originated in 1995.  I studied for ten years full time before I began the clinical practice to be able to provide you with the best in total health care and Osteopathic management. I have both lectured and been a clinical tutor at both RMIT and Vic University in the faculty of Osteopathy for many years as well as having had a journalistic column in the Melbourne weekly magazine for two years. 

“Like a flower in the gentle sun when natural laws of healing are restored the body will bloom and shine”. 

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